Our Vivid Vision

HVWC Vivid Vision – Christmas 2021

We believe that having embraced our core purpose of why we are here has stimulated radical transformation in our community. We consistently challenge religious norms and develop powerful people, families and influencers. Our vision for HVWC three years from now is detailed below. 

1. The Teams and Partners (the people of HVWC) 

As a congregation of people from all different backgrounds and stripes, we want nothing less than revival (God’s transformative presence) in our community. We have gathered here to do something that has never before been done: Usher in the kingdom of God through the complete transformation of a region, evidenced by the sustained elimination of systemic poverty. 

We are a refuge for healing and a launchpad for transformation. We come together as a family to worship, encounter God in our praise, and to be strengthened through transformational teaching and development. Our gatherings connect us with God, develop our potential and empower us for influence. 

We are being personally transformed in our walks with God and our families are being healed as we walk in a transformational lifestyle. We are being healed by the love and power of God and it is radically infecting our spheres of influence. 

We focus on reclaiming and discipling the marketplace. We release the love and power of God throughout our community. We spur each other to fulfill the great commandment and commission. 

Our gatherings contain powerful and intimate worship. Our Worship SERVE Team members are developing powerful songs for the region and are known for their passion to truly worship, not to simply perform with excellence. They just recorded their first live album. 

We connect people to small groups for development, relationships and transformation. These groups are hosted by trained Partners who want to connect in homes or in the marketplace. Our small groups are focused on interests, passions and burdens. 

We have 30 Growth Groups focused on specific spiritual activities, arenas of growth in life and the pursuit of personal healing. Growth Groups range from 12 weeks to two years. 

We also have 20 or more Launchpads focused on transformational initiatives meeting in the marketplace or homes. Launchpads meet weekly for prayer, study, fellowship and inventing strategies to transform their arena of focus. Launchpad hosts are equipped for transformation through materials and coaching provided through Transform Our World. 

The people that call HVWC home are excited to be a part of the SERVE Team. The SERVE Team meets needs and implements the vision at HVWC for Partners and Attenders. Our SERVE Team are all going through our Growth Track for personal development. 

We recognize we are all family in Christ, and those who serve, build and transform the community with us are invited to become Partners in ministry. People who are not connected to a SERVE Team or ministry but are in a small group can become Partners. Our Partners have gone through our first two steps in our Growth Track prior to becoming a partner in ministry. 

The 5-fold Core Leadership Team (as described in Ephesians 4:11-13) are those called in a five-fold ministry context to equip the family for ministry. This Core Leadership Team consists of 12 individuals who are developing SERVE Team Builders and overseeing ministries at HVWC. 

Our Partners’ hearts are with us and they invest financially and generously enabling us to employ six full time staff and eight part time staff for key roles that require substantial time investments. Our annual budget in 2021 will be six times the 2018 operational budget of $80,000 at over $540,000 annually. Special projects and missions giving continue to far exceed in generosity for churches our size. 

HVWC invests in Launchpad projects to transform Bonner and Boundary County. Launchpads can present their projects for support and funding to a group of Kingdom Investors. 

Our community has an international impact with missions support and trips with many traveling to be with us to experience what we are doing to impact the region for the Lord. We have “sister nations” that we partner with in transformation. 

2. The Setting 

Entering the beautiful snowy campus at Harvest, the paved road and lot are surrounded by clear paths leading to the Prayer House and other outbuildings including the large kids play structure nestled near the fellowship area. 

The Student Building (Phase 3) is completed in order to host many weekly activities like TECNI, Holistic Healthcare Services and the Healing Rooms. Kids Church and IMPACT Youth utilize the building during gatherings. TECNI, Youth and Kids Ministry Builders all share a large collaborative office space. 

The Sanctuary is filled with 225 seats with updated lighting, sound proofing and sound system. We have two Sunday morning gatherings with opportunities to connect to small groups. We offer our growth- track for those on SERVE Teams and those who host Growth Groups and Launchpads. 

Loer Hall is now the main entrance and all walls and rooms are removed for an inviting fellowship area with open access to a coffee bar, tables, chairs, couches and a worship area. Loer Hall is easily converted into a meeting space for trainings, prayer and worship gatherings. 

The Administration Office has traded places with the Pastors Office and houses the Harvest Valley Credit Union office to provide small business loans as well as support local entrepreneurs and business owners. There is a Digital Media Studio in the office for the development of effective content for publishing. The Admin office is coordinating the facility use throughout the week. 

There are building plans being finalized for the development of housing and other facilities underway. 

New Construction Costs: $278,000
Remodel and Upgrade Costs: $102,000 

Total Development Costs: $380,000 

3. Community and Culture 

Our community feels like family. There is an undeniable sense of acceptance and love in our gatherings. We build relationships and personal growth as we extend mercy and grace. Part of the unique power we walk in as family is our bold love. 

All our builders are steady, confident, grateful and humble. Our Core Team is known for being loving, skilled, bold and wise. Humility is not only aspired to but modeled as we serve and grow. We are accountable, and we confront by looking to ourselves first, then gently restore where there have been missteps. Our builders inspire with an unquenchable hunger for the Kingdom of God matched with an excitement to change every heart and life we contact for Jesus Christ. Everyone who steps into our culture grows and is mentored gaining a passion for God, healing and the transformation of our region. 

Our Core Team Leaders adhere to the Leadership Platform. Our leaders shape the culture by modeling healthy activity and using intentional language. We invest in people through hands on mentoring relationships. People know that they are cared for and mentors are accessible. 

We are in love with the presence and the love of the Father and we desire to be fully filled with the Holy Spirit living radical supernatural lifestyles. We speak forth what God says about people from the scriptures and our hearts. We are bold to declare what God’s will is and we rely on His voice in our lives to guide us and direct us into the next thing He has for us personally, corporately and regionally. 

4. Regional Impact 

As a transformational church, we look at our impact through the lens of bringing heaven to earth. Our Launchpads are actively involved in schools, businesses, politics, the arts, along with medical and social services to change the atmosphere and attitude of the region. We have started several ministries and transformational businesses to meet the needs of the community to eliminate systemic poverty. 

Relational Poverty – The north Idaho region feels more connected and people are more willing to work with each other to impact the region. Families are being reconciled and marriages strengthened. 

Addiction and substance abuse related incidents are decreasing. Domestic violence rates are declining. Victims of domestic violence are advocated for and counseled. We actively assist families, victims and perpetrators to find help, hope and healing. We are seeing a massive decrease in the number of suicides in Bonner and Boundary Counties. 

We see kids living with hope, and people are taking care of children’s needs. People feel tremendously safe in North Idaho and there is an increase of people of color and varied backgrounds. We also see the political climate become collaborative, controlled and focused on providing freedoms for the people. 

Motivational Poverty – We see the entrepreneurial spirit of North Idaho birthing national businesses that impact the world from our region. People are moving into the region not to retire, but to get a great job. Those who have struggled with mental illness and joblessness have the support and jobs they need. Parents are more actively involved in their kids’ lives and schools. 

Physical Poverty – There is opportunity for every person who works here to live here and to own a home, raise their family and grow old here. Those living in the hills who have been isolated by poverty are getting work and starting businesses. Land is being renewed and used to benefit the community. 

Those who have been trapped in generational poverty cycles are breaking free from those patterns. Investors are benevolently creating a new housing market for those in need. Jobs are growing that pay great wages and all those unable to work are being cared for with great honor and priority. 

Spiritual Poverty – The fruit of the Spirit is evident in our public and private spaces. Kindness and humility are shifting the identity of the region. Interdependence is replacing independence and religious strongholds are breaking. The region is clamoring to work with the churches because they are relevant, loving, honest, and caring regardless of their beliefs. The churches grow unified to see transformation. 

5. Outreach 

Through personal Prayer Evangelism we choose to be transformed people who love the world around us deeply. We pray for people before we share with people. As God works miracles, we introduce people to Christ and connect them to HVWC for spiritual growth and family connections. 

Through our Launchpads we usher believers and pre-believers into their divine destiny with Christ. We invite people to our gatherings to encounter God and experience radical unconditional love. 

Our follow up to gatherings include personal invitations to small group events, church-wide gatherings and opportunity for sit-downs with the Core Team Leaders. Every person that attends a small group or a gathering has an opportunity to become a part of the HVWC Family. 

Social media and online platforms are critical in our far-reaching influence. We use our social media to promote events, activities, tell testimonies, share teaching, and worship in the online community. Our Digital Media Team is producing content for online consumption and is streaming the gatherings live. 

Small group assimilation events, age-based ministry outreaches and community service events are consistent and led through their respective SERVE Team Builders. We coordinate large events with Launchpads. 

We also recruit people from across the nation through casting a Vivid Vision that many believers are hungry for and aspire to achieve through the impact that HVWC has regionally and nationally. 

6. Serve Team 

Those who serve in a ministry at HVWC are on the SERVE Team are encouraged to continue their development in our Growth Track. The Growth Track assists in developing personal identity, calling and understanding personal gift sets. The Growth Track equips each person to build the kingdom in and out of the church. Every SERVE Team Builder who serves the family at HVWC is being mentored and exhibits our culture. 

Our SERVE Team has many lanes in which to SERVE and build: 

  • Hospitality
  • Worship
  • Kids Ministry
  • Holistic Healthcare
  • Administration
  • Young Adults
  • Creative Arts
  • Digital Media
  • Leaders in Training (LIT)
  • Maintenance
  • Small Groups
  • Launchpads
  • Transformational Education Center of North Idaho (TECNI)
  • Harvest Valley Credit Union (HVCU)
  • Production
  • Healing Rooms
  • IMPACT Youth
  • Clean Team
  • Prayer & Intercession 

The Growth Track for the SERVE Team is developed through 3 small groups held Sundays. 

• FirstStep: A four-week small-group introduction to Identity and Activity of a Believer providing a personal development path. 

• NextStep: A four-week small-group diving into what church looks like at HVWC as it relates to Vision, Culture, and what a Ministry Partner does. 

• BuilderStep: An eight-week small-group focused on building a team, understanding what it means to SERVE and build at HVWC, and our operational principles. We focus on personal development in order to mentor others in their walks as we SERVE the family at HVWC. 

Every SERVE Team Builder and Growth Group Host has completed the Builder Step in the Growth Track and attends training and development sessions with the Core Team at HVWC.

7. LIT – Leaders in Training 

Leaders in Training are SERVE Team Builders who also feel called into 5-fold ministry. The LIT Team is being mentored and trained by the Senior Leaders and the Core Team individually. Many have taken the beginner courses at TECNI and are in process for licensure for ministry in the Church of God. Weekly meetings with the Senior Leader afford them the opportunity to learn, discover more about ministry, and be empowered to test their ministry skills in the family where it is safe. 

The LIT Team are being developed emotionally and mentally to carry the load of church development and ministry. The goal of the LIT Team is to be prepared to plant churches or take on major ministry roles in the body. 

8. Digital Media Studio and Productions 

We have a studio setup to produce sermon content, social media content, print material and merchandise for purchase like DVD’s and USB Drives. The studio is comprised of a high-powered work station, multiple monitors and USB/CD/DVD production stations for content delivery. The sanctuary is fitted with two cameras that are streamed to the studio for quality live streaming, where there is a switching station for live streaming. The studio is directed by the Digital Media SERVE Team Builder. The Digital Media SERVE Team is involved in recording testimonies, special events, promotions, developing print projects and marketing materials. 

9. Prayer and Intercession 

Our Prayer teams are actively involved in intercession for the church, teams and ministries at HVWC. Our intercessors are an active part of the Global Prayer Presbytery with Transform Our World. Our Prayer teams also provide ministry before, during and after gatherings. This team is effective in working with people in the moment to hear God, pray, and to declare God’s heart and perspective. This team coordinates large regional prayer events for the church and the faith community. We are also working with local “sister-churches” to partner in prayer. 

10. Physical Infrastructure Projects Completed 

1. Paving of the Parking Lot $40,000
2. Construction of the Prayer House $85,000
3. Construction of the Kid’s Play Area $3,000
4. Completion of Phase 3 – The Student Building $150,000
5. Digital Media Studio Development $20,000
6. Completion of Loer Hall Remodel $45,000
7. Sound System and Sanctuary upgrades $32,000
8. Additional 50 Chairs $5,000 

Total: $380,000 

11. Harvest Valley Credit Union 

HVCU is established to provide short-term business loans to empower local small businesses to succeed. We provide online checking, debit cards, savings and loans through our online systems. Each loan comes with a concierge prayer service that prays with business owners as well as provide business coaching and planning services at no cost to the HVCU Member. 

We have a Board of Directors of high-level business men and women as well as a full-time Credit Union Manager. The staff and Board will be accountable through all state and federal laws concerning credit unions. Our banking capital will be primarily raised through out of state Kingdom Investors. 

We have 500 members and $40,000 in short-term loans for the community our first year. 

12. TECNI – Transformational Equipping Center of North Idaho 

TECNI now has 3 part-time instructors and has expanded becoming the next level of kingdom building and training development for those called into differing ministries and industries. There are 50 students in courses every trimester. Meeting for years at different locations, TECNI now meets in the Student Building throughout the week in the evenings. 

TECNI draws students from across the nation for its hands-on powerful environment. Former TECNI students are operating on high-levels of ministry, missions, and leading transformation in their industries. We utilize the best materials on Transformation, Healing, Intercession, Identity and Prophetic Ministry and invite expert instructors from around the globe to teach our students. 

13. Holistic Health Services 

By partnering with holistic and western medical practitioners across the region we utilize our facility weekly for group therapies and private appointments for those who normally would have limited capacity or financial ability to receive healthcare. We are actively creating an environment where healing is expected, and our prayer teams intercede during treatments. We are gaining a reputation for supernatural results for regular treatments and ailments. We use a sliding scale to ensure affordability for the community. 

14. Healing Rooms 

Our Healing Room Ministry is active with dozens of people prayed with weekly. We have partnered with the Healing Rooms in Spokane, WA, Elijah House Ministries in Coeur d’Alene, ID, The Mission in Vacaville, CA, and Bethel Church in Redding, CA for training and support. We provide comprehensive spiritual, emotional and physical healing ministry that is freeing many from bondage, trauma and pain. We consistently see radical miracles and healings. The testimonies are building faith in the region.