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Our men’s ministry at HVWC is growing! On the first Saturday of the month, we offer a men’s breakfast where the men of our congregation can enjoy a time to eat bacon, drink coffee and get to know each other better.


Pure Desire Ministries

Pure Desire Ministries International began in the local church, as Dr. Ted and Diane Roberts, the founders, recognized the pervasiveness of sexual struggle in the church. The pat answers of the past only gave men and women a message of “try harder” which kept them isolated in their sin and shame.

Over the course of two decades, they developed a strategy that is Biblically-based, clinically informed, and highly successful at creating lasting change. In 2007, Pure Desire became an independent 501c3 aimed at helping the church body across the country and around the world.

In the 2014, the award-winning video series Conquer Series, began to put the message and principles of Pure Desire in front of more and more churches. This video series serves as an on-ramp for people in the church to understand the true nature of sexual addiction, and to seek healing in a grace-filled, redemptive way.

Pure Desire exists to provide hope and freedom from sexual addiction by educating and mobilizing church leaders in the development of a healing ministry. Through small group resources for men, women, and teens, on-site or online counseling, training events, and ministry partnerships, Pure Desire is leading the way in the battle for integrity and purity in the church.

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