Kids Chruch


In our children’s ministry, our mission is to lead all children to be fully devoted followers of Christ and empowered to walk a powerful walk with the Holy Spirit, utilizing their gifts in the body of Christ. We believe that there is no junior Holy Spirit, that He is available to any and all who call upon Him and we endeavor to introduce our children to Him and help them develop their own personal relationships with Him.

Our vision is that all children know Christ in a way that transforms their daily lives and the lives of those around them for His glory. We want to build our children up to be world changers for Christ, to live bold lives, unashamedly showing all they encounter the love of Christ, seeing the blind see, the deaf hear, the dead raised and people brought to a relationship with Christ.

We value a culture of honor and want to teach our kids what that is and how to live a life of honor. We want our ministry to our children to be:

  • Truth-based: We believe that God’s Word is foundational truth, and it is our heart to train every child to use the Holy Spirit’s revelation of Scripture as their guide, authority, and conscience in everything.
  • Relational: We believe that life-change happens best in the context of relationships. Gifted, godly, and passionate adults who exhibit Christ to children, their families, and each other will show kids how to do the same. This modeling will impact God’s Kingdom for generations to come.
  • Adventurous: We believe that church is FUN and that “it is a sin to bore a kid with the Kingdom of God.” Therefore, it is our commitment to challenge kids beyond the rules of church toward a vibrant growing relationship with Christ.
  • Innovative: We believe in inspiring kids to greatness by pursuing excellence in our programs, risking in our attempts to be innovative, and ruthlessly examining everything we do in order to remain biblical, relevant, and effective.
  • Nurturing: We believe that spiritual growth happens best in an atmosphere of emotional safety, physical security, and sanitary conditions. We are committed to exceptional standards in these areas.