HV Builder’s Internship

What it is:

What is an internship:  the position of a student or trainee who works in an organization, sometimes without pay, in order to gain work experience or satisfy requirements for a qualification. At Harvest Valley we are endeavoring to assist each believer in the process of identifying their calling, equipping them for spiritual maturity and implementing a project close to their heart.

Why we are doing it:

The goal of the HV Builder’s Intern Program is to facilitate the development of ministries within and outside of the church to see the region transformed.  We know that transformation comes as the believer partners with the activities that God is longing to see happen in their world.  It is our responsibility and our response to His ability that will create a dynamic shift.  This immersion into personal growth and ministerial development will launch many into their destinies.

What the commitment is:

  • 9 month internship, September through June
  • Weekly intern meetings
  • Read and review: Disciples are Made Not Born, Followership, Developing the Leader within You.
  • Written assignments – Calling and Life Ministry statement formation
  • Memorize 2 Chapters – Romans 6, James 1
  • Spiritual Assessments, DISC Profiles, Strengths Finder, Redemptive Gifts Assessments
  • Ministry project development and implementation
  • Work with area ministry leaders on project
  • Regular church attendance and participation is critical
  • Interns cover their own costs for all tests, materials and books

Areas for Intern Projects:

BCCOP, Church Design, Children’s Ministry, Worship Ministry, Hospitality, Call Ministry, Church Development Planning, Youth Ministry, Church Outreach, Business Outreach, Freedom House, Kingdom Financing, Audio/Visual, and any other Personal Project as approved through the internship.

Cost covers all materials: $125  ($25 deposit due at registration)

Fill out the registration form here, and place payment in offering or pay your deposit here (select Builder’s Internship).

Builders Registration (avg. 10 min.)