Growth Track

Everyone has the capacity to progress consistently in their faith, growing more and more equipped personally, corporately, and in building the Kingdom of God.  We do this through small, short term groups in order to connect and grow together into the people we are called to be while pursuing the vision of transformation God has given us at Harvest Valley to be a

Refuge for Healing and a

Launchpad for Transformation

FirstStep: The first of three groups that together constitute HVWC’s growth track, FirstStep is a small, four-week group offered on Sundays.

  • You may be interested in FirstStep if you are new to the faith, you are finding your way back to God, or you want to strengthen your faith foundations and your relationship with God.

NextStep:  You’ll discover how HVWC “does church,” why we exist, what we are passionate about, where we are going, and how you can be part of this incredible adventure. NextStep is also a small, four-week group offered on Sundays.

  • You may be interested in NextStep if you want to participate in a SERVE Team at HVWC, you feel led to make a commitment to HVWC as a Partner, or you want to engage within the community at a higher level. 

BuilderStep: This small group more fully equips you to build the kingdom and increase your influence with your family, workplace, community, and at HVWC. This small eight-week group is offered on Sundays, and will require a completed Ministry Partner questionnaire.

  • You may be interested in BuilderStep if you want to host a Growth Group or a Launchpad, you want to help build a SERVE Team Lane with greater responsibility, or you want to take on a higher level of training for ministry leadership.

The Growth Track is a cumulative experience, each class building upon the previous class, designed to provide deep foundations and equip you to grow and thrive not only at HVWC, but in all your relationships. FirstStep is your point of entry, followed by NextStep. Moving forward, a Ministry Partner questionnaire should be completed if you are interested in attending BuilderStep.