About HVWC


A transformational church that is bringing the kingdom of heaven to earth in the greater Sandpoint area, the Inland Northwest, the State of Idaho, and the United States of America.

At Harvest Valley we are:

  • a place of healing;
  • a model of success in eliminating domestic violence and sexual assaults;
  • a cooperative church working with government authorities, schools and social services;
  • a beacon of entrepreneurial success;
  • a training center for marketplace ministers of all ages;
  • a training center for transformational church leaders across the globe.

Mandate: Connect you with God, develop your full potential, and empower you for influence.

Culture: How we choose to implement the Mandate and the Vision

EXCELLENCE: Excellence is living with a “no limits” mindset, pursuing liberty and going the extra mile in every way to possess an outstanding quality.

SERVICE: Service is being actively helpful and hospitable towards God, mankind, and the house of God.

DISCIPLINE: Discipline is a focused activity, exercise or regimen to develop or improve a skill marked by a desire to be trained and to be a faithful steward accurately organized, and humble.

CREATIVITY: Creativity is living on the cutting edge of innovation, invention, and imagination.  Creativity is also entrepreneurial risk-taking and problem-solving.

GENEROSITY: Generosity is giving freely because we have received generously.  We devise and invent strategies to give in every way—financially, spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

COMMUNICATION: Communication is successfully conveying or sharing ideas and feelings in a way that honors God, the team and the individual with the spirit of prophecy.

Doctrine: Check out our What We Believe page.

Affiliation: HVWC is a member of the Church of God, Cleveland, TN and partners with believers of all kinds.