Leadership and Staff

Senior Leaders Chris and Mika Bassett

Chris is a visionary leader who is called to bring healing to hearts and minds through the transformational work of the Holy Spirit through inspired teaching of the Word of God and personal ministry. He is called by God to raise up Christian leaders in every area of culture and helps develop each Christian to reach their dreams as they follow Jesus Christ.

Mika is a Naturopathic Physician and Acupuncturist and is passionate about God’s healing work in every heart and body. Pastors Chris and Mika share a vision for redeemed family ministry with his children Bailey (20), Spencer (18) and they have enjoyed the addition of their daughter Quinn in July of 2012.

John and Mary Music

John and Mary moved here from Michigan in 2009 and have been involved at Harvest Valley since 2012. John currently works at Quest Aircraft and Mary owns Back To Eden Massage providing several modalities for massage and healing.

John is a powerful and passionate worship leader while Mary brings tremendous insight through dreams. They love entertaining and traveling as well as spending time with their children and grandchildren.

Kim Spencer

Kim has been involved in the local church community for many years and has a deep love for people! She runs a local soap business and is active at the Farmer's Market.

She is involved at our local juvenile detention center as a chaplain, as well as an avid gardener, and lover of life. She has 3 grown daughters and one precious grandson. Kim brings wisdom, discernment and a heart for people that shows the love of Christ.

Linda Evans

Linda loves the Lord and serves as a Licensed Social Worker, an Ordained Pastoral Counselor, Hospital Chaplain, Marriage and Family Therapist and Spiritual Mother & Mentor to many young Christians in our community. A mother to 4 daughters, 3 stepsons, 3 son-in-laws and a grandmother to 9, Linda models the Life of Radical Faith and Extravagant Love which captivated her heart over 58 years ago. Linda is a Canadian transplant to Harvest Valley being brought here over 30 years ago to walk the land as a professional land surveyor, claiming the region for God's Kingdom by faith.

Paul and Kristen Ferrante

Paul and Kristen joined our HVWC leadership in 2016 and lead our youth ministry and are on our worship team. They have been involved in youth ministry for the better part of 20 years. They have the heart to see young people grow into powerful sons and daughters of their heavenly Papa, living out the dreams created them for while transforming themselves, their families and those in their sphere of influence. And as Paul likes to say, "YOU ARE AMAZING!!"

Tim and Debra Roper

Tim and Deborah met on a blind date and have been married since 1970. Their first child, a son, was born in Southern California and two years later had their twin sons, born in Sacramento, California. They now have three wonderful grandchildren.

Tim and Deborah bring a wealth of wisdom and discernment as prayer warriors who help guide the church body through their insights.

John and Lois LaPointe

John and Lois were married in 2000. Together they have five children and four grandchildren. Lois miraculously walked away from being rear-ended by a loaded logging truck in 2001 and rededicated her life to God then and there. John became a Christian in 2006 and God took away his desire for alcohol.

Since then, he's been actively involved in recovery programs, taking the Celebrate Recovery program to Nicaragua, where he's made 10 trips in the last 7 years. Lois has been a certified paralegal and legal assistant to the senior partner of a law firm for the past 23 years.


HVWC Staff

Janine Shephard

Janine is an independent contractor who works in ministry for many differnt clients in Sandpoint. She has worked at Harvest Valley since 2015. She loves organization, processes and keeping things running smoothly. Janine and her husband have been married for 28 years and have three grown daughters and a grand daughter with another grandbaby on the way, that she is excited to meet.

LeAnne Anderson

LeAnne recently joined the staff at HVWC taking on several administrative duties. She came to HVWC 6 years ago and eventually joined our worship team as well as helping with our children's ministry. In addition to being a mom to two wonderful boys, wife to her husband, James, and passionately pursuing Jesus. She is excited to step into the destiny that the Lord has called her to and the new adventures awaiting her in the future.